Drop off service

Free drop off service

We also offer our Free Saturday electronic recycling drop off service for both residential and commercial customers. Look for us in the parking lot of the Clovis Self Storage and Office Suites parking lot. All items are free to drop off with exception of printers and microwaves. The Fees are as follows.

  • $5 per inkjet printer
  • $10 per laser jet
  • $15 Per microwave

We accept most electronic items however, there are a few items we do not accept:

  • No household appliances (Fridges, Stoves, Vacuums, toaster ovens etc.
  • no big screen or DLP televisions  (CRT Tube TV’s are ok and all flat screens as well call if you do not know the difference we will be glad to help.)

Some items we do accept: Crt Televisions, all flat screen television (must be complete but do not have to be working) computers, laptops, stereos, speakers, telephones, monitors, misc plugs and wires, keyboards & mice, gaming systems, surveillance equipment, audio equipment, radio tubes, and much more!

Our FREE pick up service is based on type and quantity of material to be recycled.  Not all material is of equal value. Orders of $99 or more from Chelicious Cakes will recieve a FREE E-waste pick up regardless of the materials recycle value. (Limit one pickup per $99 order)