Data destruction services

Security is our top priority

15 million people a year are affected by identity theft here in the U.S. Do not become a victim! You can ensure the safety of yours and your clients information with our on site destruction service. Just give us a call and we will come out to your place of business with our 12 ton crush and physically destroy the hard drive platters ensuring those drives will never be used again. Some companies use software to clean the drives, the problem with that is much of the data is still recoverable with data recovery software. Using our physical destruction service ensures complete security. Here’s how this affordable data safety destruction works.

  1. $49.99 Set up fee
  2. Under 25 Drives $3.50 per destruction
  3. Over 25 Drives $2.50 per destruction
Our FREE pick up service is based on type and quantity of material to be recycled.  Not all material is of equal value. Orders of $99 or more from Chelicious Cakes will recieve a FREE E-waste pick up regardless of the materials recycle value. (Limit one pickup per $99 order)