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Got E-waste? Most homes and offices do, That is where we can help. We are experts in the field of electronic recycling. If you find yourself up to your neck in E-waste feel free to choose one of our top notch services and an E-waste specialist will be sent to your home or office to help you properly dispose of all electronic material you may have. Call now to see if you qualify for a FREE E-waste pick up!

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The Story of Electronics

In today’s day and age we are buried in electronics. From the latest cell phones to 4k Televisions and smart watches E-waste...


Benefits of Electronic Recycling:

  • Keeps harmful Chemicals out of our ground water: Many electronic devices contain harmful chemicals that can seep into our ground water. For Example, one glass tube television can have up to 5lbs of lead inside of it. When these tubes are thrown into the trash the glass breaks and when the rain comes it seeps down into the earth eventually making its way to our water supply!

  • Frees up space and clears out clutter: Who likes cramped up spaces? Recycling helps your home or office stay clean and it frees up much needed storage space. With new technology coming out daily, E-Waste fills up our homes quicker than we realize. Need space? Give us a call!

  • Recycling with Xtreme Green helps  provide for others in need: We feel as a company it is our duty to give a portion back to our community and the world. We actively donate to schools and non profit organizations both monetarily and with re-purposed or reused electronics that are donated to us.

Our free pick up services are based on type and quantity of material being recycled. Not all material is of equal value. In many cases there is zero recycle value in certain types of electronic equipment. Thank you for understanding!